Happy 36th Birthday, Ben Barnes!

Today Ben celebrates his 36th birthday! In honor of Ben’s special day, I have added
brand new outtakes from an old photoshoot he did back in 2013 to our gallery.

All of us here at Ben Barnes Fan want to wish you a Happy 36th Birthday!

May you have continued success in your career and much happiness in the year to come. We wish you all the best! Have a great day, Ben! ♥

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MDWAP: Footnotes Podcast

Ben is the special guest on this week’s ‘My Dad Wrote A Porno’ (Footnotes) podcast.
You can listen to the podcast below, and view a new photo of Ben in our gallery.

Gallery Link:
001 x ‘My Dad Wrote A Porno: Footnotes’ Podcast (S3EP12)


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Ben Barnes Covers ‘DA MAN’ Magazine

Ben is featured on the cover of the August/September issue of DA MAN magazine. The spread includes a brand new photoshoot and interview with Ben about ‘Westworld’ and ‘The Punisher’. Check out the article behind the cut, and the pictures in our gallery.

Hi, Ben. Great to have you with us. Obviously, a lot of us are excited for “Punisher” which will come out later this year. How are you feeling as we get closer to the premiere?

Ben Barnes: I’m excited to share what we’ve made with everyone. More than anything I’ve worked on, with this property, I’m extremely aware of the passionate fan base. I see Punisher tattoos and T-shirts and hats and stickers on vans everywhere I go now and I really hope the show lives up to their expectations.


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‘Westworld’ Panel And Signing At SDCC

Yesterday Ben attended the ‘Westworld’ panel and signing during Comic-Con at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA. Pictures have been added to the gallery. You can also watch the full panel, as well as 4 interviews with the cast, in our video archive.

Gallery Links:
053 x ‘Westworld’ Panel at San Diego Comic-Con
022 x ‘Westworld’ Signing at San Diego Comic-Con

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‘Westworld’ At San Diego Comic-Con

Next month Ben will be attending San Diego Comic-Con to promote ‘Westworld’. He will be participating in a panel Q&A, as well as an autograph signing with fellow cast members and creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. View the event schedule below:

‘Westworld’ Panel Q&A
July 22, 2017 – 4:15 PM PST
San Diego Comic-Con, Hall H

‘Westworld’ Autograph Signing
July 22, 2017 – 5:45 PM PST
San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. Booth #4545

[All ticket drawings and wristband distributions for Westworld’s autograph signing will take place the morning of July 22nd at the Sails Pavilion floor, between Ballroom 20 and Rooms 6A, 6BCF and 6DE.]

Source: HBO.com

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