Ben Barnes For ‘Grumpy’ Magazine

Ben was interviewed by his ‘The Big Wedding’ co-star Amanda Seyfried for the Spring issue of Grumpy magazine. Click here to buy the solo magazine in print, or get the digital version here. Two behind-the-scenes videos can also be found in our video archive.

Gallery Links:
007 x Photoshoots > Sessions > Set 055
022 x Magazine Scans > 2023 > Grumpy Magazine (France) | Spring

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Ben Barnes For ‘A Book Of’ Magazine

Ben Barnes is featured in the latest Collector’s Issue of A Book Of magazine. A selection of photos have been added to our gallery, and a portion of the interview can be found below. A short behind-the-scenes video has also been added to our video archive. For the full interview and more exclusive photos, order your copy here. (2 covers are available.)

I want you to walk us through your start as an artist, a musician, and an actor. I know you are a musician first and then fell into acting so, tell us more about that.

I mean, that’s a very generous way to put it. I really enjoyed all the things. I really enjoyed playing music, singing, and listening to music when I was a teenager – it was sort of my passion. And I sort of had a bit of a false start-up becoming a jazz singer actually, when I was about 18 or 19, and it just sort of didn’t pan out how I thought it was going to.


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Paramount Pictures Oscars After Party

Our gallery has been updated with new photos of Ben Barnes attending Paramount Pictures’ Oscars after party last night at Mother Wolf restaurant in Los Angeles.

Gallery Links:
002 x Public Appearances > Paramount Pictures Oscars After Party
004 x Candids > March 12, 2023 | Paramount Pictures Oscars After Party

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Vanity Fair Cocktail Party Honoring ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’

Ben Barnes attended a private cocktail party, hosted by Vanity Fair and Richard Mille, honoring A24’s ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ last night in Los Angeles.

Gallery Link:
003 x Public Appearances > Vanity Fair Cocktail Party Honoring ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’

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