Ben To Star In MGM+’s ‘The Institute’

MGM+ has given a series order to ‘The Institute’, a thriller based on the 2019 Stephen King novel. Ben Barnes and Mary-Louise Parker are set to lead the drama from director Jack Bender, writer Benjamin Cavell, and MGM+ Studios. More details below:

In the eight-episode ‘The Institute’, when 12-year-old genius Luke Ellis is kidnapped, he awakens at The Institute, a facility full of children who all got there the same way he did, and who are all possessed of unusual abilities. In a nearby town, haunted former police officer Tim Jamieson (Barnes) has come looking to start a new life, but the peace and quiet won’t last, as his story and Luke’s are destined to collide.

Barnes’ Tim Jamieson is a disillusioned ex-cop who takes a job as the night knocker in a small town, withdrawing from the world until Luke’s plight reignites him and gives him something to believe in.

Parker, who I hear has a one-year deal, will play Ms. Sigsby, the charming but iron-willed director of the Institute and a true believer in its awful mission. She’s certain history will come to see her as a hero.

Production is slated to begin in Nova Scotia later this year.


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Ben Barnes Live At The Troubadour

Pictures from Ben’s live show at The Troubadour in Los Angeles on January 29th have been added to the gallery. Clips from the show can also be found in our video archive.

Gallery Links:
001 x Concerts > Jan 29, 2024 | The Troubadour > Soundcheck
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237 x Concerts > Jan 29, 2024 | The Troubadour > On Stage | Fan Photos

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Live Show: Jan 29th At The Troubadour

Ben will perform NEW music from his upcoming album at an exclusive show at the Troubadour in Los Angeles on January 29th. GA and VIP tickets are on sale now!

For more information (or to buy tickets), head over to the Troubadour website.


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‘Scrooge’ Podcast Out November 16

Ben is the voice of Ghost of Christmas Present in the upcoming ‘Scrooge: A Christmas Carol’ podcast by Hope Media Group and Compassion International. The special 4-part series releases Thursday, Nov 16th, and will be available on ScroogePodcast.com.

This 4 episode adaptation of “Scrooge: A Christmas Carol,” by Charles Dickens brings the characters we all know and love to life unlike ever before through a star-studded dramatic audio adaptation in podcast form.

Ebenezer Scrooge, a self-obsessed miserable miser of all things un-merry and un-bright, is everything Christmas isn’t. After he is visited by the spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come, Scrooge transforms into a new man and embodies all the best parts of Christmas.

Through this journey of transformation, listeners will encounter themes of joy, mercy, hope, and more. This new re-telling of the holiday classic will entertain, inspire, and remind you that even the hardest of hearts can find redemption.


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