‘Black Mirror’ S6 Now Streaming

Just a reminder that Season Six of ‘Black Mirror’ is now streaming on Netflix. Ben will make a cameo appearance as TV Mac in the first episode, titled “Joan is Awful”.

Twisted tales run wild in this mind-bending anthology series that reveals humanity’s worst traits, greatest innovations and more.

Official title and descriptions for all 5 episodes are behind the cut:

Episode #1: “Joan is Awful” (56 min)

An average woman discovers a global streaming service has adapted her daily life – and her secrets – into a drama starring A-list actress Salma Hayek.

Episode #2: “Loch Henry” (54 min)

While filming a nature documentary in a sleepy Scottish town, a young couple catches wind of a juicy local story with ties to shocking past events.

Episode #3: “Beyond the Sea” (80 min)

In an alternative 1969, two astronauts on a perilous high-tech space mission grapple with the fallout on an unfathomable tragedy back on Earth.

Episode #4: “Mazey Day” (40 min)

A troubled Hollywood starlet goes to great lengths to escape packs of invasive paparazzi as she deals with the aftermath of a hit-and-run.

Episode #5: “Demon 79” (74 min)

Northern England, 1979. A meek sales assistant discovers she must commit terrible acts to prevent an imminent disaster.



Irum Nageen said:

I wish there were more people like Ben Barnes in our world. It most certainly would be a beautiful place then????

June 23rd, 2023