Ben Talks ‘Westworld’ Season 2 Finale

Ben recently spoke with Thrillist about his thoughts on the crazy Season 2 finale of ‘Westworld’, which aired last night on HBO. You can read the full interview below.

Thrillist: Did you get to watch the finale?

I did! I actually watched it last night. And Shannon [Woodward, who plays Elsie] sent me a screen capture during the finale of me by the pool, and she said, “You’ll always be my Ferris Bueller,” because I look exactly like him with those sunglasses on!


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Ben Barnes Covers ‘DA MAN’ Magazine

Ben is featured on the cover of the August/September issue of DA MAN magazine. The spread includes a brand new photoshoot and interview with Ben about ‘Westworld’ and ‘The Punisher’. Check out the article behind the cut, and the pictures in our gallery.

Hi, Ben. Great to have you with us. Obviously, a lot of us are excited for “Punisher” which will come out later this year. How are you feeling as we get closer to the premiere?

Ben Barnes: I’m excited to share what we’ve made with everyone. More than anything I’ve worked on, with this property, I’m extremely aware of the passionate fan base. I see Punisher tattoos and T-shirts and hats and stickers on vans everywhere I go now and I really hope the show lives up to their expectations.


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5 Things to Know About Ben Barnes

Ben recently spoke with People about how he prepares for red carpet season, how he gets in the zone for shooting scenes, and more. Check out the clip in our video archive, and read more of the interview behind the cut. Screen captures are in the gallery.

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1. He has a unique way of getting ready for a big scene.

If you’re watching Barnes on screen, there’s a very good chance he did one very particular thing right before that shoot: talked to himself in the shower. “My dad once told me that your memory works best the half hour just before bed,” the actor tells PEOPLE.


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Ben On Rubbish TV and American Accents

WWD recently spoke with Ben about ‘Westworld’, how he ended up playing so many American roles, acting in jeans and T-shirts, and his favorite bad TV to binge-watch. You can read the interview below and view the accompanying photoshoot in our gallery.

On getting cast as Logan, another American character for the British actor:

Ben Barnes: I found myself playing more and more Americans — I don’t think I’ve played a Brit in years, I’ve kind of been just playing Americans. I’ve always loved doing accents and things. My first film ever was playing a Russian and I haven’t really looked back.


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