FOXES Magazine Scans

Ben is featured in Issue 13 of ‘FOXES’ magazine. Scans can be found in the gallery. A behind-the-scenes video from the shoot has also been added to our video archive.

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019 x Magazine Scans > 2022 > FOXES Magazine (US) | Issue 13

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Ben Barnes Covers 1883 Magazine

Ben is featured on the cover of the latest digital issue of 1883 Magazine. The spread includes a brand new photoshoot and interview with Ben about his debut EP, ‘Songs For You’. Check out the article behind the cut, and the scans and pictures in our gallery.

I hate that voice. It always startles me.

*imitating robot voice* Recording in progress. I am going to do the entire interview in this voice.

[both laugh] Hi! How are you?

*regular speaking voice* I’m good! Sorry I was a bit late. I’ve got so many of these today and each one is running over a few minutes and then I get stuck.


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‘Songs For You’ Interviews (Videos)

Our video archive has now been updated with various interviews Ben has done over the past couple of weeks, leading up to the release of his debut EP, ‘Songs For You’.

Video and Audio Links:
Open House Party Podcast
‘Songs For You’ Interview (Permanent Rain Press)
Good Day Los Angeles
‘Songs For You’ Interview (Noise11)
Pop Nerd Lounge Podcast
‘Songs For You’ Interview (ET Canada)
Paltrocast with Darren Paltrowitz Podcast
‘Songs For You’ Interview (Young Hollywood)
‘Songs For You’ Interview (Deco Drive)

More will be added as they become available, so keep checking back!

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Ben Barnes Is Getting In His Feelings

Ben recently spoke with InStyle about his music, releasing his first EP, ‘Songs For You’, and what he wants his legacy to be. You can read the full interview below.

The actor opens up in a whole new way in his debut album, ‘Songs For You’.

This is a story about priorities. Ben Barnes thought he knew what his were, until someone — an ostensibly straightforward person in his life — told him that none of the things he said were his priorities actually were his priorities because, well, he didn’t prioritize them.


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