About the Fansite

Site Name: Ben Barnes Fan
Established: June 10th, 2007
Webmaster: Stephanie
Founded by: Tran
Hosted by: Fansite Host
Domains: benbarnesfan.com, ben-barnes.com / .net / .org, benbarnesvideos.com

Ben Barnes Fan was established in the early weeks of June 2007 by Tran, and was maintained by her for over a year. As time flew by and the fansite’s popularity increased, Ivonne, a good friend of Tran’s, decided to assist with updates and keep up with visitors’ demands. With Ivonne in the picture, Tran, unfortunately, lost interest in maintaining the website. Ivonne continued to dedicate her time to the fansite, and was soon joined by Stephanie in early 2009. Ivonne decided to withdraw from the site a couple months later.

Now, in 2010, Stephanie holds the title as webmaster of Ben Barnes Fan.

BenBarnesFan.com celebrates 17 years online this June (2024).