“Pickman’s Model” Screen Captures

Screen captures of Ben in Episode 5 of ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ have been added to the gallery. Keep in mind, these contain spoilers you haven’t watched the episode yet!

Gallery Link:
2289 x Cabinet of Curiosities > 01X05 – “Pickman’s Model”

I’ve also updated our video archive with clips from the episode, a behind the scenes featurette, and a new interview with Ben about his role in “Pickman’s Model”.

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New York Comic Con (Day 3 & 4)

Our gallery has been updated with various photos of Ben at New York Comic Con last weekend. Many thanks to all those who attended for sharing their pictures! If you missed the live stream of the ‘Shadow and Bone’ panel, you can watch the full video here.

Gallery Links:
040 x Public Appearances > New York Comic Con – Day 3
169 x Candids > Oct 8, 2022 | New York Comic Con – Day 3
173 x Candids > Oct 9, 2022 | New York Comic Con – Day 4

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‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ Trailer + Stills

The first official trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming anthology series, ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’, has been released. Watch it here. New stills and screen captures have also been added to the gallery. ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ premieres October 25th on Netflix.

Gallery Links:
002 x Cabinet of Curiosities > Publicity Stills
020 x Cabinet of Curiosities > Trailer (Screen Captures)

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First Look At ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’

Netflix has given us our first look at Ben’s character in Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming anthology series, ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’. He will star in an episode titled “Pickman’s Model”, based on a short story by H.P. Lovecraft. You can watch a teaser trailer for the show here, and get a first look at what’s to come in the 8-episode series here.

‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ will arrive October 25th, as a special four-day, double-episode event. From there, two all-new episodes will debut daily through October 28th.


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