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In today’s episode we’re chatting with Ben Barnes.

His love for storytelling began early: on stage performing with the National Youth Music Theatre. Since then his career has told the story of an artist who possesses true grit, a love for craft, and a desire to explore whatever he hasn’t done. He shares how blind persistence landed him his first agent, and how a secret injury helped him create one of his most recognizable roles.

For Ben, perspective and perseverance is key. Moving through the peaks and valleys of this industry requires trusting what you have to offer and choosing to be empowered regardless of circumstance. And that’s exactly what Ben continues to do. Listen to the podcast below:


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‘Westworld’ S3 Premiere In Los Angeles

Last night Ben attended the premiere of Season 3 of ‘Westworld’ at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Pictures from the event have been added to the gallery.

Gallery Link:
084 x ‘Westworld’ S3 Premiere In Los Angeles

Clips from the red carpet have also been added to our video archive.

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‘Gold Digger’ Trailer & Premiere Date

The first 40-second teaser trailer for ‘Gold Digger’ was released this week. Watch the trailer here, or in our video archive. Screen captures are in the gallery. You can also view a new still from the show here. ‘Gold Digger’ premieres November 12th on BBC One.

Gallery Link:
040 x Screen Captures > Gold Digger > Teaser Trailer

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CCXP Cologne – Day 1

Photos of Ben attending Day 1 of CCXP Cologne have been added to the gallery. A 20-minute interview with Ben has also been added to our video archive. Watch it here.

Gallery Links:
138 x Public Appearances > CCXP Cologne – Day 1
104 x Candids > June 27, 2019 | At CCXP Cologne – Day 1

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