‘Shadow & Bone’ S1 Trailer + Stills

The first full-length trailer for Season One of ‘Shadow and Bone’ has been released. Watch it here. Screen captures are in the gallery. New stills and promotional artwork for the show have also been added. ‘Shadow and Bone’ premieres April 23rd on Netflix.

Gallery Links:
036 x Shadow and Bone > Season One > Trailer
003 x Shadow and Bone > Season One > Publicity Stills
002 x Shadow and Bone > Season One > Posters / Promotional Artwork


Marie said:

Always so fast with the Ben news! :) Thanks for your hard work Stephanie, the screencaps are awesome!
Just saw the trailer. It was better than I expected. I know nothing about the books, so I’m going into it blind with no expectations… *lol* The special effects look impressive! Looking forward to finding out more about Ben’s character.

And how cool is that claw ring? :p

February 26th, 2021

reenie Levy said:

I saw Shadow & Bones Last night!
I watched and Waited and waited for Ben. He was not there at all
I think it was shot of the back of Ben’s coat that was all . No Ben so I have to wait until next week to see if Ben will be on the show. It is a must see show you have to see it !!!
it is Great !!!

April 24th, 2021