‘Gold Digger’ Screen Captures

The gallery has been updated with screen captures from all 6 episodes of ‘Gold Digger’. Keep in mind that these contain spoilers if you haven’t watched the full series yet!

Gallery Link:
5348 x Productions > Gold Digger > Screen Captures

‘Gold Digger’ will be released on DVD on Dec 30th. The full series is also available via Amazon Prime and iTunes, or you can stream it on BBC iPlayer (for a limited time).


Marie said:

Thanks for taking the time to make all these beautiful screencaps Stephanie, especially the *cough* swimming *cough* pool *cough* ones *cough* :p And it was nice to see the UK press talk about the series too, so thanks for keeping an eye on it :)

It’s been a wild ride and the end wasn’t what I expected AT ALL! But… I still think Benjamin is a Gold Digger… :p And there’re also some unanswered questions, so… we deserve a season 2! :p

December 18th, 2019