‘Westworld’ 2×10 Screen Captures

Screencaps from the Season 2 finale of ‘Westworld’ have been added to the gallery. A brand new behind the scenes featurette has also been added to our video archive.

Gallery Links:
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002 x Westworld > Season Two > On Set In Los Angeles


Marie said:

What a finale, and what a wild ride it was!!! :O It was a pleasure to see Logan reappear in this episode in the most unexpected way and place! *lol* I really hope he’ll be part of season 3, the ending left a lot of doors open… ;) So I guess anything is possible. :D Great acting from Ben, he’s always had an impactful presence in this season even though his scenes were (too) short. Please more Logan in season 3, it would be nice to explore his backstory more!

Stephanie, thank you for the screen caps! Fantastic quality and great shots, I know how time consuming it is to make these. *hugs*

June 26th, 2018