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Many thanks to my friend Martha for the following article from the January 2011 issue of Jolie magazine. Also, thank you to darya01 for the translation!

How does it feel to be a ‘posterboy’?

Excuse me?! My picture on the current poster for ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ is quite small, don’t you think? And if it helps the company with the marketing, that’s fine with me. I’m a realist. It is easier for me to pick the roles if the movie is successful.

.. Otherwise the assumed power that accrues from youth, beauty and so-called fame is not real. These days, everyone dreams of participating in “Big Brother” or “X-Factor” or to become famous in another way. Personally, I think that’s not that good for one’s character.

But the fact that you’re a star certainly makes dating easier for you, right?

At first glance, that might be true. But if you want to be with someone in the long run, it doesn’t matter whether you’re famous or not. There are other things that account for a working relationship.

For example?

If a woman has the same sense of humor that I have, almost nothing can go wrong anymore. I have to be able to laugh about the same things with my sweetheart. What drives me crazy are indecisive women: “Honey, would you like to go to the cinema or to a restaurant?” – “I don’t know. What do you think?” – “What do you want to eat?” – “No idea, I have to study the menu for another half-an-hour.” Arrgh! That drives me totally nuts! A woman needs to know what she wants!

What do you do on first dates – and what do you definitely NOT do?

The best thing to do is to go to the cinema or the theatre. You automatically have something to talk about afterward. If that trigger is missing, the smalltalk easily feels rather forced: “What did you do last Tuesday?” – “Collecting stamps.” – “Aha, interesting.” On that level, the evening would prove to be really tough. I would never ever take her to club where I might get threatened to dance. You really, really have to love me to put up with my dancing style. Besides, my nightclub times are over. I stand by it: I prefer going to sleep.

Where will you spend Christmas?

At my parents’ with my brother, just like every year. I like Christmas best if it is exactly as I remember it from when I was six years old: the Christmas tree has to be in the exact same spot, the decorations have to be the same, and, as always, my mum will be cooking turkey and plum pudding.

What is at the top of your wish list for Christmas?

A small glass cabinet for the latex mask that I was allowed to keep as a souvenir from the shooting for “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. It shows my face rotten and eaten away by maggots. Scary. But I don’t think I’ll actually get the glass cabinet.

Why not?

Because my mum is too pragmatic to present me with – from her point of view – useless odds and ends. She once put toilet cleaner and window / glass cleaner in my stockings. Very caring, isn’t it?


KeyKey2DaBenz (aka bleep!) said:

@Jolian: “and i love how he talk about his family with such a lot of love so he is a great actor with a great talent and with a great chest which we all love XD”
LOL @ how you blended all that into one sentence! *XD so funny and true! *XD

@Carla: I agree? that was funny!
*XD heeheehee *;D

December 21st, 2010

Mari said:

Yeah, He really must be excellent in bed LOL
I love him!! forever s2 s2

December 21st, 2010

jane said:

Hallo from Russia. Ben I like Italian ead, see musicals Phantom Opera and others. In free time I like to read books and see films. I like three books- Master and Margarita by Bulgakov, Monte-Kristo by Duma and Three friends by Remark. Happy New Year!!!

December 29th, 2010

Emily Cruz said:

lmao that only means one thing he’s doesn’t clean often lol, my sister would def give me that for christmas. SMH

March 18th, 2011