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Many thanks to Katie for the following article and translation from the June 10th issue of Seitenblicke magazine. View the full size scans in the gallery.

Since ‘Prince Caspian’, you are a star. How important is fame to you?

I would never dare to call myself a star. I’m miles away from that. Strictly speaking, I am still learning. One mustn’t forget: Success hasn’t come over night for me.

How hard was that for you?

After graduating from university, I was quite desperate because I couldn’t get a job. Also, my time in Los Angeles was not exactly successful. Except for auditioning for a couple of bad films, I managed nothing there. So I came back to England completely broke and was eventually really happy about it. Just as well, because as you can see, everything worked out pretty well. (Laughs.)

So what did you find interesting about your new role as Dorian Gray?

I loved Oscar Wilde’s book even when I was a teenager – a novel that was ahead of its time. I liked that director Oliver Parker drew a very psychological portrait of the character.

Dorian Gray tries with all means possible to get to the top – can a comparison to your career be made?

In some ways, this comparison is acceptable. We do live in a society obsessed with youth which only craves beauty and fame. But in the end, it is pretty soulless and empty. As an actor, you have to constantly balance between two realities. On the one hand, you are the private individual. And then there’s this weird thing called public image. That is what Oscar Wilde is describing in his novel. For me, it is a wonderful metaphor of how one can get lost in meaningless and superficial things. In no case do I want to end as terribly as Dorian.

But looking well is not necessarily bad, is it?

I find it embarrassing to talk about my looks. Of course it opens doors and it provides you with a certain security. But without talent, you’re not getting anywhere. In any case, I want to prove myself as an actor and don’t want to be defined by my looks alone. I noticed how much our world is obsessed with beauty during the shoot of ‘Easy Virtue’ – with Jessica Biel. The crap she had to deal with was unbelievable. Her looks were all that mattered. That’s just crazy! Especially for women, this has to be pretty tedious.

Are you vain?

(Laughs.) No. My looks are not important to me. I prefer wearing jeans and a leather jacket. That’s all I need. And I don’t worry about getting older at all – like Dorian Gray does. On the contrary, I’m looking forward to getting older! Meanwhile, I am already 28, but no one believes me. And while that is helpful in playing Prince Caspian, it is uncomfortable when producers tell you that you are too young for other parts. But maybe I shouldn’t complain so much about my genetic advantage. (Laughs.) Especially since other people would sell their soul for it.

Have you ever been seduced by quick fame?

Not yet, especially because I had to deal with so many failures at the beginning of my career. I am aware of the fact that, as an actor, one can be praised to the skies on the one day, and be almost completely forgotten on the next. I view my success, especially the one as Prince Caspian, quite soberly, because behind these fantasy films there is a huge marketing machine which plays you into the centre of attention.

In ‘Dorian Gray’ you are working with Oscar winner Colin Firth. Did he give you any career advice?

I had hoped that he would become some sort of mentor for me and give me brilliant tips. But he only said: Trust your instinct! However, it already is inspiring to just watch him work. I hope that, in the future, I can be as calm and composed as he is.

How is your success with women? Does fame help?

Women had already noticed me before my film career. (Laughs.) I’m trying to not only depend on my looks, even though that would be easier. But principally, I prefer being the hunter to being the hunted. I do have my pride – I still believe that I could melt many a female heart with my wonderful personality and my eloquent conversation. (Laughs.)


Nightshade said:

“Women had already noticed me before my film career (laughs*

Awww that’s sweet – how could we women NOT notice Mr Barnes??!!

July 9th, 2010

Ana said:

Loved the interview… he’s always so sweet…
I’m sure someone will love his personality and eloquent conversation… i know i would…
Unfortunately for me, i have not the looks to actually attract someone… i really have to convince people with my amazing personality…
Just ignore me and my low self-esteem… =P
Thanks for posting this… ^^

July 9th, 2010

Mandi said:

He can hunt me!!!

July 9th, 2010

Steelsheen said:

thanks for the translation! really appreciate it :)

couldnt shake the feeling that some of the questions feel a bit set up. but then again maybe its just me.

July 9th, 2010

Helaine said:

He’s so lovely! I really appreciate his interviews, I love the way he answers the questions and his sense of humor… Just love him.

Oh, I really wouldn’t mind if he haunted me too… =P

But, unfortunately for me, I’m from Brazil… and – again unfortunately for me – even if I were from England, I still would be a mere mortal… *sigh*

July 9th, 2010

Nicole L. said:

he can hunt me too! lol…it’s just too bad I’m in America! oh well. it was a great interview to read though, he’s so awesome! i love him :)

July 9th, 2010

Helaine said:

OMG, I said “haunted”??? No, I meant “hunted”!

Bad keyboard, bad keyboard!! lol

July 9th, 2010

toebildonk said:

I wrote once on my personal blog that Ben Barnes is the aristocrat handsome with strong personality. I am proud to be his fans. He’s the real actor. He can be very success if he keep his personality as humble s he’s now.

Above all, thank you very much to Katie for finding and translating the article and to Stephanie for posting it for us..

warmest barnian hug from Indonesia ^_^

July 10th, 2010

Priss said:

I just love the way he is.. I loved this interview, He is always so sincere…

July 10th, 2010

Perez said:

he’s in trouble ,baby you can’t act ,sorry .
but you still got the looks LoL

July 10th, 2010

jessica abrante said:

he is too beautiful for this world, hes got so many beautiful talents and perez dont be mad like i dont know where i am. sorry but i love him.

July 11th, 2010

Syafiera Lewis said:

Lol. he is still hunting ? I thought he already had a gf.

July 11th, 2010

Alba said:

Dev’essere un ragazzo dai molti pregi e dai tanti difetti.. umano insomma, nel suo particolare fascino! Spero per lui che un giorno amerà una donna di altrettanto fascino, che non appartenga al mondo del cinema! Che abbia i suoi stessi occhi…. Apprezzabile la sua gavetta! Caro Ben, siamo in molti a 30 anni che pur avendo una laurea rimaniamo al verde! Come hai descritto tu nell’intervista! L’importante è credere nelle proprie capacità, prima o poi arriva per tutti la realizzazione! Come infatti è capitato a te…fortunatamente! Sei bravino nella recitazione, ma spero che continuerai a studiare perchè per perfezionarsi non bisogna mai avere la presunzione di dire: sono arrivato, ho imparato tutto! Si impara continuamente anche da chi è più giovane di noi e viceversa…la vita è un continuo imparare! ;-) Ti auguro tutto il successo che meriti! P.S. Come principe sei credibile! ;-) Alba!

July 11th, 2010

Karii Abundiz said:

He said: “I prefer being the hunter to being the hunted” LOL —-Sorry darling, I’ll maybe sound superficial or stupid but I’m sure of myself!! I’ll let you to hunt me and I’ll try to hunt you! I’ll probably die trying it but that would be good because I love you and I’ll do everything for you! I haven’t good the best looks but if you hunted me with your wonderful personality and your eloquent conversation I hope to do the same with you! Just wait for me, I dream with being a succesfull actress and writer, one day I’ll meet you… I’m almost sure—

July 12th, 2010

Karii Abundiz said:

“I haven’t good the best looks ” change it for “Maybe I haven’t got the best looks”

July 12th, 2010

Helaine said:

OMG, I have a rival! lol

July 12th, 2010

AnnabellaBarnes said:

Ben es muy sincero con sus respuestas, es digno de admirar, y es una gran persona!! por eso lo quiero tanto!!

July 17th, 2010

Ana said:

I’m sure all of us wanted to be hunted by him… let’s give him space… ;) I hope the person he chooses deserves the wonderful person he is. And i hope he’s very happy and has a bright future. He’s already bright and wonderful… sooo… eh eh =D

July 25th, 2010

Sarah Jo said:

aw… @Ana, don’t be so hard on yourself


and Ben, a gentlemen as always. even though he (as he has often said in interviews) finds Jessica Biel beautiful, he still felt bad since people were overlooking her talent. that’s why we love ya Ben! ;)

July 31st, 2010

chris said:

ben es lo maximo, un chavo maravilloso, con un gran angel ojala y la vida le haga llegar a sus manos ese exito taquilllero que tanto merece, que sea recordadao por una gran trallectoria actoral no por un breve momento o por un papel, que dios lo bendiga siempre

July 31st, 2010

Ana said:

Eh eh… @Sarah, thanks, the truth is i’m always hard on myself. About Ben, well, we have to be realistic, really!!! Unless you live somewhere in England or USA, i don’t think Ben will bump on us that soon, or us onto him, ever, lol… =) Except if it is destiny for one or more of us to meet and become his friends or something more… =D I would be happy to be just his friend… he’s such a lovely, nice person… ^.^

And yeah, Ben always looks away from beauty itself… he’s a rare guy who tries to see the inner beauty of the people, not only what he can see, but also what he can’t see… lol… he’s the best… we surely love you Ben!!! =D

August 1st, 2010

Natalia Belikov said:

OMG! hahaha! I love his last answer!!!
he already melted my heart! oh my Ben!!! Im yours!!

August 4th, 2010

Syafiera Lewis said:

i dont think he will haunt me lol.. i think it is a useless for him….

August 13th, 2010