Hot Press Visits The ‘Killing Bono’ Set

Hot Press recently visited the set of Killing Bono and talked with Ben about performing new music, by composer Joe Echo, for the film. You can read the full article here. The article also includes a new (though small!) photo from the set. Killing Bono is expected to finish shooting this Friday, February 19th.

Prince Caspian star Ben Barnes (who plays Neil McCormick) performs Echo’s songs onscreen. “He is absolutely an astounding man, a wonderful musician, and a brilliant composer,” says Barnes of Gribben. “And he wrote these brilliant songs – we used quite a lot of his lyrics. He’s got these very quirky, quite cool lyrics. He writes these songs about rape, and weird things, but makes them into pop songs.

“And so we’re using some of Neil’s lyrics, but I think it’s mostly original music by Joe Echo,” he adds. “Because it should be something fresh and new as well, with that eighties feel, but still a new album. It’s something that should go along with the film. It should be a new soundtrack.”

Source: HotPress.com


Serena said:

Great interview. Need glasses for the picture but it looks good what you can see of it. Can’t wait to see this movie.

February 16th, 2010

Kim said:

wow, filming went quick! Hopefully post-prod will too so we can start seeing some trailers. I just started the book over the weekend and it’s so brilliantly written.

February 16th, 2010

Carrie said:

I can’t wait to see this movie, of course, if it shows in America. I love the 80’s, and Ben looks fabulous here. Ben is a great actor and he doesn’t care how he looks, is all for the character. That is what real actors should do, instead of trying to seduce and look “fine” in their movies.

February 17th, 2010