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Hi everyone! Here we have a brand new interview with Ben. The article also includes a new publicity from Dorian Gray, which I’ve uploaded to the gallery. Hopefully a bigger version will surface soon.

The character of Dorian Gray is supposed to be a vision of beauty. Is being asked to play someone so fiendishly handsome flattering or embarrassing?

That is a bit of a cringe. It wasn’t cringey to be asked to play it, but it is cringey to try and answer this question, because part of me still feels really young, and just the skinniest boy in the class, as I always was. Obviously, Oscar Wilde uses these outrageous superlatives in describing the way Dorian looks in the book but, for me, it was always about the power of youth, the power of celebrity and youth within London society, which is such a powerful thing. The fact that his looks didn’t fade, that was the important thing, not the fact that he was so overtly beautiful. I think the real nub of it, though, was the fact that he didn’t change at all, which I think is terrifying. Imagine not seeing someone for 30 years and then seeing them and they look exactly the same as they did when you last saw them! That was absolutely terrifying, so it was always more about that than thinking, ‘Oh, I am playing a really handsome bloke’.

Unlike the novel, you find some sympathy for Dorian in the movie…

I hope we do, because in the book you don’t particularly. The book is called The Picture of Dorian Gray and it really is about the picture and the world that swirls around it and the society and the things that happen to Dorian more than the decisions he makes. Oliver [Parker, the director] wanted to get inside his head a little bit more. I really hope people like the film; nearly everybody I meet says that it’s their favourite book and that I had better not made a complete hash of it!


Source: Bent Magazine & The London Notebook


Ally981 said:

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol nice interview :D and I love the pic! he is sooooo naughty LO

September 1st, 2009

Affy-Ann said:

Ben answers interviews very well! This one was a great read. I loved it when he said, “I am just passionate and fascinated with what I do, and I want to have as many opportunities to play as many different parts as possible.” and I’m also glad that [he]: “…generally I don’t get papped coming out of nightclubs in the middle of the night, for which I am very, very grateful. I don’t envy anybody who has that lifestyle. Although I am pretty prepared for it to change because I want to be successful in what I do and I realise that comes with the territory.”

I’m really happy for him and I hope he’ll get more and more offers in film and theatre. Ben Barnes is an amazing actor! =)

September 1st, 2009

Trisha said:

Loved the interview! I can’t wait for him as King Caspian!!

September 1st, 2009