‘Easy Virtue’ Interviews & Gallery Updates

Today I uploaded 2 digital scans from VMAN magazine (including a HQ version of the photo posted a few weeks ago) to the gallery. Thanks to vmagazinedigital.com for those. Thanks to MK, we also have 1 new photo of Ben from when he was in NYC promoting ‘Easy Virtue‘ on May 11th. Enjoy!

VMAN | Summer 2009

May 11th | ComingSoon.net Exclusive Interview

You can also view 2 new ‘Easy Virtue‘ video interviews here:

‘Easy Virtue’ Interview (Cinemablend.com)
‘Easy Virtue’ Screening In New York City (E! Online)


Melissa said:

Oh my poor Ben!! If you watch the cinemablend.com interview they ask him about his MTV nomination and when they tell him he’s up against R-Patz he says “I can’t win” I’ll keep voting for you baby!!

May 23rd, 2009

Trisha said:

Awww! Poor ben! That’s funny: “I used to sing with his sister.”

May 24th, 2009

Rachel said:

Damn!!! I wish I lived either in Los Angeles or New York, that’s where they are showing Easy Virtue here in the States–you New Yorkers and Californians are sooooo lucky!! I love Ben and I’m dying to see this movie.

May 25th, 2009