Ben Barnes Has Easy Virtue

Thanks to flame-eternal for the heads up about this new interview with Ben from ComingSoon.net!

ComingSoon.net: I think you might have already had this role lined up when we first met on the set of “Prince Caspian,” is that right?
Ben Barnes: Not on the set I didn’t. I got this after I finished, I went to L.A., and I got this while I was there. I just got an Email from Steph, “I saw you in ‘Stardust,’ you have to do this film, that’s it.” And then he wanted me to send a tape of one of the scenes, which I then did in L.A. and I sent to him and he then gave me the part. He said (puts on Aussie accent) “I never give actors parts without actually meeting them,” and I was like, “Well, you just did.”

CS: Were you familiar with Noel Coward’s work? You went to drama school so you must have known some of it.
Barnes: I actually went to university. I did English and drama at university, which is more academic. It’s more critical analysis, but I got to read a lot of plays and write essays about them, read a lot of books and poetry, and I think that’s very helpful when you’re reading and analyzing scripts that you’re going to be involved with.

CS: And was Noel Coward one of the playwrights you read or liked?
Barnes: Not particularly. He wasn’t my biggest influence, but I had seen a couple of his plays and read a few and liked them very much. “Blithe Spirit” is a tremendous premise, which has been used over and over again. Read more.

Source: ComingSoon.net


Terry said:

I can’t wait for Dawn Treader next year!!

May 14th, 2009

Barney said:

guys, check out the related news on narniaweb.com.. those ancients there are making Ben looked like a stupid moron… i can’t take them.. they kept blaming ben for the prince caspian “failure” (because it didnt gross as much as LWW)…

and they said this particular interview only shows how shallow ben is.. like duh!

barnians.. to the rescue!!!!

May 14th, 2009

Sandy said:

This is for Barney: Done!! Went to narniaweb.com and defended our Ben.

May 14th, 2009

Barney said:

Thanks, Sandy!

i don’t know why people there hates Ben..maybe they were hoping for Harrison Ford or Roger Moore as Prince Caspian… you know someone close to their age..and someone they could relate to… LOL!

it just made me wonder if people there are as old as C.S Lewis… so stuck up… hehehe.. =)

May 15th, 2009

Rachel said:

I’ve always imagined Ben having his hair up, and I was right: he’s still gorgeous!! :)

May 17th, 2009

Drguild said:

I will go to narniaweb too. I didn’t think Prince Caspian was a failure!!! I”m a faithful Chronicles of Narnia book fan and I thought the movie was rather awesome!!!

the reason why it didnt sell as well as the first is because the trend in movies changed from making spectacular kids movies to movies like Twilight!!!

May 19th, 2009

Susie said:

Are you guys serious!! It seems like there are some people that have stopped liking Ben because of his new “look”. It’s just temporary people!!! Eventually he’ll cut his hair and shave off the beard and he’ll look amazing as before!! ( I personally like him, no matter WHAT he looks like) I fell in love with his charming personality, beautiful smile, amazing laugh and those gorgeous brown eyes!! I feel sad that he is “losing” some fans, I guess you never were a fan to begin with!! I love you Ben, no matter what and will continue to support you all the way!!

May 19th, 2009

Melissa said:

That’s okay Susie, that means more Ben for me and you!! LOL!! I’m a Ben Barnes fan for life!!

May 19th, 2009