‘Bigga than Ben’ at the EIFF

Hello everyone!

It has been confirmed that Ben (and director Suzie Halewood) will be at the UK Premiere of “Bigga than Ben” at the Edimburgh International Film Festival on June 27th. So, stay tuned as we will be updating on this.

Big thanks to the members of the Ben Barnes Fan LJ Community for the heads up on these articles:

» Narnia star set to break many hearts, says teacher – very interesting article with Ben’s drama teacher and friend Frank Whately.

“He was extremely self confident and articulate and intelligen.”

“Ben was right at the forefront of both acting and producing plays and being very much a driving force behind things.”

“He was extremely popular with the ladies.”

“In fact he is quite serious. He had a huge group of friends at university and they are still very close and very loyal. He is a good friend to people.”

“Not only did he get a first class honours in drama, he won the best student of the year in English Literature, despite only taking it as a minor student.”

» Narnia prince is heir to Orlando Bloom’s throne
– Also, another very interesting article on the rise of Ben into stardom.

And lastly, I have made 850 screen captures (yes, I usually go a little overboard with screencaps) of Ben in “Bigga than Ben”. I highly enjoyed the film and I totally recommend it especially if you’re a fan of his, he did great. Enjoy:

… More?


Pale said:

IVONNE, did you watch “Bigga than Ben” in Russian?

June 17th, 2008

BenBarnesFanGal said:

love the overload after being overboard! haha, great updates! thank you!

June 17th, 2008

Coketown said:

Hope you don’t mind; but how did you obtain the movie? I’ve tried torrenting it, but there are so few seeds that it was nearly impossible.

June 17th, 2008

Juliana said:

I don’t see “Bigga than Ben”, but, this film are in theathers or it’s going to be in theathers?

June 17th, 2008

Sheryl said:

WOW!! Student of the Year in English Literature?! I didn’t know THAT! He truly is amazing. *sigh*If only I could have a best friend like him………………………………………….

June 18th, 2008