‘Westworld’ 1×03 Screen Captures

Our gallery has been updated with screen captures from the third episode of ‘Westworld’ (titled “The Stray”). A promo for episode four has also been released. Watch that here.

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102 x Westworld > 01×03 – “The Stray” (Screen Captures)

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‘Westworld’ Facebook Live Q&A At NYCC

Ben Barnes joined his ‘Westworld’ cast members Thandie Newton, Jimmi Simpson, Jeffrey Wright and creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy for a Facebook Live Q&A today at NYCC. You can watch the full interview on the official ‘Westworld’ Facebook page.

Video & Gallery Links:
‘Westworld’ Facebook Live Q&A At NYCC (Oct 9, 2016)
003 x ‘Westworld’ FB Live Q&A At New York Comic Con

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‘Westworld’ 1×02 Screen Captures

Screen captures from the second episode of ‘Westworld’ (titled “Chestnut”) have been added to the gallery. “Chestnut” is currently streaming on HBO Now, HBO Go and HBO On Demand and will air this Sunday night, October 9th, at 9 PM (ET/PT) on HBO.

Gallery Link:
222 x Westworld > 01×02 – “Chestnut” (Screen Captures)

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Ben On Rubbish TV and American Accents

WWD recently spoke with Ben about ‘Westworld’, how he ended up playing so many American roles, acting in jeans and T-shirts, and his favorite bad TV to binge-watch. You can read the interview below and view the accompanying photoshoot in our gallery.

On getting cast as Logan, another American character for the British actor:

Ben Barnes: I found myself playing more and more Americans — I don’t think I’ve played a Brit in years, I’ve kind of been just playing Americans. I’ve always loved doing accents and things. My first film ever was playing a Russian and I haven’t really looked back.


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New Portrait Session Added

A gorgeous new portrait session by Emma Holly Jones has been added to our gallery.

018 x Portraits > Set 026

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