‘Shadow & Bone’ To Premiere In April

Netflix has set an April 2021 release for the ‘Shadow and Bone’ TV series. Check out the first teaser for the show here, and a promo featuring the cast in our video archive.

SYNOPSIS: In a world cleaved in two by a massive barrier of perpetual darkness, where unnatural creatures feast on human flesh, a young soldier uncovers a power that might finally unite her country. But as she struggles to hone her power, dangerous forces plot against her.



Marie said:

It’s coming…. *____* But we deserve a REAL trailer!!! Please Netflix, let’s end 2020 with a S&B trailer! :p

December 17th, 2020

Holly said:

Dear Mr. Barnes
I want to wish you a very Happy Christmas . Even though this 2020 was not a good year. It was a very sad year for everyone in this world . BLM and then the Covid 19. And the face mask . Very Sad .I have a very hard time with the face mask . It pulls my hearing aids off and I am scared to losse my hearing aids . The mask are a pain mostly when you are deaf and hard of hearing . We have to read lips and we can not understand what people are saying with the mask over the lips . Deaf and hard of hearing needs to lip read. Oh well I’m going on Dec 30 2020 for my Cochlear Implant . I will have a magnet and 2 microphones pit in my ear . I will be able to hear for the 1st time in my life . Without hearing aids?
Happy Christmas and a better New Year ????

We are both Leo’s 6 days apart??????
Take care Mr. Barnes and please stay well ??

December 19th, 2020

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