‘SS’ & ‘SOL’ Out On DVD / Blu-ray Today

Just a quick reminder letting you all know that ‘Seventh Son’ and ‘Sons of Liberty’ are available on DVD / Blu-ray starting TODAY in the US. Be sure to pick up your copy!

Check out the following links for more info about the DVD / Blu-ray extras:

‘Seventh Son’ DVD & Blu-ray Extras
‘Sons of Liberty’ DVD & Blu-ray Extras


Dianna said:

Another thank you is in order here for yet another great post, Stephanie .

I really liked SS (went seeing it 3 x )(well , the 2 x in France don’t count since it was dubbed so I had to see it again in my own country where i was able to hear the authentic voices :D

And from what I’ve seen and read already, SOL will be specacular. Couldn’t resist reading some reviews and I read lots of positive comments on Ben’s acting…. and of course looks !! haha
I have no clue if they will show it in my country on history but i read it will be in the UK So I’ m quite certain they’ll sell lhe DVD’s at amazon.co.Uk eventually. So then i”ll be the first in line to buy it !!!!
Will the dvd’s and bluerays both have the same extra’s ?

May 26th, 2015

Dianna said:

Forget that last sentence I just wrote. I need to be more patience and read all of it before commenting. I found everything I needed to know in the links. Thanks Stephanie !

May 26th, 2015