Help Rebuild Victoria

Hello everyone,

As I type this message, over 30 large bushfires are currently burning down the towns in the state of Victoria in Australia, which is also my home state. Over 170 people have died, many of which cannot even be identified due to impact of the fires. Along with the dead (which the toll is to rise), many more are missing and their families are completely worried sick. Furthermore, hundreds if not thousands of people have lost their homes, as the fire crept upon during the night as well.

You can help these people by donating to the two major charity appeals, please click on the links below if you consider donating!

Dontate to the Australian Red Cross
Donate to the Salvation Army Bushfire Appeal

Thanks for reading, and thank you for visiting the site.


Kristen said:

Aw, its nice you’re doing this, i live in NSW which is next to Victoria, its extremely bad there still, fires are still blazing, unfortunately i lost a friend in the fire. Thank you for your support.

February 10th, 2009

Christie said:

Good on you! I am also in NSW- Grafton, actually. And it’s overwhelming the support that has been given. It’s excellant- thank you for getting behind this and my heart goes out to those who have suffered any kind of loss.

February 10th, 2009